Friday, March 26, 2010

Rachid Sefrioui alias TATA

The leading Francophone Business Magazine Economie&Enterprise completes an in-depth cover article on Rachid Sefrioui's BDC (Finatech). The article determines that the strategy is clearly innovative, the rollup execution is thorough and rigorous, though it questions whether the business environment locally is ready for a rapid growth story, a la Silicon Valley, where local competitors are challenged head-on while facing a newly-conglomerated market leader.
Rachid Sefrioui Finaventures BDC - Economie Entreprises Mars 2010.pdf

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Sabah Magazine profiles Rachid Sefrioui as a Globetrotting CEO

In this article, the reporter describes the realisation of our tri-continental footprint BDC (Finatech) and the global schedule of Rachid Sefrioui as CEO. Triangulating between Los Angeles (innovation), Paris (business development) and Casablanca (offshoring & Outsourcing), he has accumulated enough miles to go around the Earth about 52 times :)

Rachid Sefrioui - Finaventures BDC_SABAH_03_04_2010.pdf