Thursday, December 29, 2011

7 Metrics to demonstrate a web startup has Traction

7. Downloads over 6 months with Free version - "Gross Tract"

6. Churn rate or utilization rate from Free Downloads - "Drops"

5. Conversion rate from Free to Subscriber (basic) - "Uptake"

4. Lead time of conversion from Free to Pay - "Drag"

3.  Acquisition Cost per Subscriber - "CPS"

2. Churn rate of paying Subscribers - "Money Drops"

1.  Net contribution margin per Subscriber, post infrastructure costs - "NetCoM"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

8 Musts to successfully raise seed capital for your startup

8. Put together an A-team….that means people who have done it before mixed with a few newbies

7. Define your nearest market, not the one for the grand vision

6. Know your subject matter better than anyone can find through research on the internet

5. Know every single competitor and near competitor that raised funding, and why you deserve money

4.Demonstrate how your startup can grow into a business; it is not simply a nice project

3. Get technical endorsers for your beta

2. Raise $20K to $50K from Family, Friends & Acquaintances; It shows that someone believes in you.

1. Demonstrate initial market traction, even if it is limited; That demonstrates that the dog "likes" the dog food.