Monday, September 5, 2011

Top 10 outrageous statements made by entrepreneurs to a VC

I love entrepreneurs and their enthusiasm. But some of them just go over the top, way over the top. 

Each of these 10 statements gave us a chuckle around the office on the day they were made. It is my small compilation of some of the most outrageous statements entrepreneurs made in our conference room when pitching their startup. 

The list is far too long and I am sure many of you will have their own contributions. But these top 10 are the one that stuck in my mind over the years.

Top 10 outrageous statements made by entrepreneurs to a VC

1/ We are going to conquer the World

2/ We're going to make Google look like a neighborhood site

3/ People are going to get so hooked on this app, they'll pay $59.95 a month for it

4/ We are doctors, we can tell people to do anything, and they'll follow us

5/ We are running 4 startups at the same time, and each one will be bigger than Facebook

6/ MySpace was a great acquisition we missed. We could've made it bigger than Facebook.

7/ Investing in my company will make you so rich, you'll be thanking me every day for the rest of your life

8/ I need to raise $100M to buy up every competitor in my space and then I'll jack up prices

9/ I only need VC money to top off the $20M I got from my family

10/ Our Space program will only require $5 to $20M to launch and compete with the Russians.