Sunday, January 8, 2012

Urgently Needed: More VC IPOs in 2012

[Guest Post] In this morning’s Exit Poll release by the NVCA and Thomson Reuters, we were deliberate in making the point that despite the Q4 momentum, the venture-backed IPO market did not recover in 2011. In fact, it still has quite a way to go before we declare a healthy IPO market. Here at NVCA, we are focused on the NUMBER of offerings rather than the total offer amount as our country needs MORE public companies – not necessarily bigger ones.

Aside from the need for more IPO volume, here are a few other trends that 2011 data suggests:

Bulge Bracket Banks Still Dominate: Morgan Stanley served as the book manager or co-manager for the most...continue here: 2011 IPO Stats Show 2012 Trends to Watch