Friday, November 30, 2012

18 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top 20 Tips

So much noise in the world. So much chatter.

Most of it sounds like the adults speaking on Charlie Brown: “mwa mwa-mwa mwa mwa”

But sometimes between all the mumbo-jumbo comes ear piercing wisdom. Yes — pure unfiltered advice in search of a landing pad in the brain of startup entrepreneurs.

And so my question when having an audience of rock star entrepreneurs is always this:

“If I were a 20 year old just starting my first business; and you could give me only one piece of advice or wisdom; what would it be?”

Having landed smack dab in the middle of a ton of smart, well heeled entrepreneurs at a recent live event in Scottsdale, Arizona — I asked my question.

Low and behold, 18 entrepreneurs fired off 20 bits of wickedly good advice for all of us.

Let the wisdom begin…

1.) The Power of Connections

“Network! Make connections and keep a record on each person you meet. Ask for their advice and help. Keep in touch with them along the way and build your network before you need it! Quality relationships are the keys to the kingdom.” – Clare Dreyer

2.) Focus, Focus and Focus

Focus on ONE NICHE! And become the expert guru in that niche with your brand. Don’t get greedy! It’s the reason most quit by spreading themselves too thin.” – George Shepherd

3.) You Will Fail at Times

“Look forward to failure. This is how you learn to succeed. There is plenty of time to get it right —  so go ahead and just do it — and get it wrong.” – Graham Phoenix

4.) Let Your Passion Drive You