Saturday, July 6, 2013

9 unmistakable symptoms of an entrepreneur

In almost every article and story written about entrepreneurship, I have found symptoms and traits which are common among all those who finally made it big.

One of those is that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. I realised that entrepreneurs have some specific traits which should be closely observed.

For example, if you are afraid of failures and adventure, then you should definitely keep out of this.

So, here are nine symptoms that you will definitely find in an entrepreneur.

Absolute hate for the normal and boring

You just cannot accept the status-quo; you hate the normal and boring things in life. You often wonder why a particular area can’t be improved and made more exciting and adventurous.

Bad employee

Just track the job history of any entrepreneur and you will get an idea. Entrepreneurs are generally bad employees, and this is a bitter truth.

Bosses can’t easily manage an entrepreneur, and more often than not, entrepreneurs will quit their job before management decides to fire them.

Famous as a rebel

More often than not, entrepreneurs are rebellious; they cannot follow the existing rules and regulations of the society.

You think that these limitations and rules don’t apply to your domain. Normal human beings follow rules, not entrepreneurs!

Gets bored easily

Steve Jobs dropped out of college because the classes bored him. Bill Gates was always sleeping in his classes, hence he opted out. Entrepreneurs get easily bored, which is considered as a problem by others.

The attention span of a typical entrepreneur is very small.

Detests authority

The norms of society don’t apply to you. As a kid, you must have had problems with your teachers, parents and elders.

Authority is something which you absolutely resist and detest. Possible explanation? Maybe you consider yourself as an authority and master of your own destiny.