Friday, September 20, 2013

10 Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Many people dream of someday becoming an entrepreneur. Although the title sounds lofty, any person who begins a business and assumes some or all of the risk for that business is an entrepreneur. Many different types of entrepreneurs exist and they can all benefit from several tips to make themselves and their business more successful.


The attitude of the business owner largely impacts the business. According to, business owners must have a positive attitude and accept complete responsibility for the results of their business. Accepting responsibility allows the entrepreneur to make changes when necessary and not displace blame on staff or other factors.


Choosing to become an entrepreneur is quite vague. A business owner must have a specific business or goal in mind. According to, a discussion among a group of entrepreneurs ended with the advice: follow your passion. Money and a business plan are only factors; the desire to achieve a specific outcome is the real motivator for success.


Reaching a goal demands some element of discipline. For entrepreneurs, this factor is especially important. Starting and running a successful business takes time, planning and patience. An entrepreneur is ultimately responsible for the success of his business; therefore, he should expect to work, especially in the beginning, more than anyone else to ensure success.


Every year, thousands of new business and ideas surface. Successful entrepreneurs know how to set themselves apart from the competition. uses Galileo's invention of the telescope to illuminate how an individual must take existing technology and improve it. When Galileo invented his telescope, a Dutchman had already created one, which inspired him. Galileo created his own improved version and found greater success.

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