Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 Marketing Tips For Startups

Marketing is a full time job, and when you’ve got a newborn startup on your hands, strategic marketing is key. With the competition in the startup scene at an all time high, calculated marketing tricks can either make or break a new company. As a new startup, money for large scale marketing campaigns isn’t always in over abundance, so how does a company market big on a small budget? Believe it or not, you don’t have to break to bank to properly execute some effective marketing strategies. So for those of you in need of some creative guidance to get your marketing strategy off the ground, here are 10 marketing tips for startups.

1. Hire a Marketing Division

Before getting your marketing strategy off the ground, the first step is to build a strong and savvy team. Whether you have one dedicated employee focused solely on marketing, or a team of staff building and strategizing new marketing campaigns, having a marketing division is a must. If you ask a startup owner what his schedule is for the day, you’re most likely going to get a jam packed list of to-do’s. With so much on a startup founder’s mind, marketing is one important task that often gets overlooked. So, if you want to successfully market your startup, first be sure that you have a reliable team whose job description includes developing, and deploying daily marketing strategies.

2. Choose your Target Audience

Sometimes that great concept, or idea you have in your head just won’t fly with the masses. One of the most important steps to effective marketing, especially in the startup world, is to choose your target audience wisely. No offense, but you’re not Coca Cola. Unless you are an internationally recognized brand, a marketing strategy that attempts to appeal to the entirety of the general public is surely going to flop.