Saturday, September 21, 2013

5 Positive Thinking Tips for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur who decided to go solo rather than be employed, are you like the majority who feel the heaviness of the economy and remind yourself there is nothing you can do? Telling yourself instead it is tough out there and you can’t control what goes on and what other people do?

I was talking to a client just last week about this and she was not budging from the negativity of it’s other people and external to me circumstances, like the economy getting in the way of her living her dream. She felt that she had been working on herself so she was OK! Yet it wasn’t working for her and her energy was heavy, full of reasons why not rather than why all is possible and within her reach to be exactly how she dreamed.

What happens when positive thinking as an entrepreneur is missing?

Positive thinking as I have shared previously is key to attraction, manifestation and creation. Yet when it is missing or when you forget that you have the power to think positively as an entrepreneur it really impacts on your business and money! When you are not thinking positively it is easy to forget you have:

  • power to create your own reality

  • the gift of joy which is not dependent on external  circumstances

  • abundance as a birth right

  • power in general!

As an entrepreneur you are in charge of making money for your business. Even if you employee people, there is a buck that starts and ends with you. How you delegate, lead and manage will dictate how effective your team is.

Yet it is your vision, or lack of or your fears or courage among other things that will dictate how you drive your business forward. When you aren’t thinking positively you are affirming struggle, stress, doom and gloom, even if you think and believe you are being logical